Harry potter, idk

Hey guys
I’m to tired to be blogging
I’m watching les mis, I’m kinda confused but oh well.
So I’m at my stepdads brothers house, and they have a 3d hd 40 inch flat screen and I really want to watch Harry potter on it after les mis. My mate who is related to my stepdad in someway just left and I’m like urgh. My parents are asleep and I’m just awkwardly sitting in the living room with my stepdads brothers wife and Tayla’s brother. Oh dear my life is sad. I went to my mates party last night, it was really good but kinda awkward cause my crush was there and he like kinda checked me out and he came over to me and said hey. So idk if that’s good or not? Oh idk. But I’ve bruised my leg really badly and I can’t walk properly cause I think I’ve pushed my bone out of place. Anyways this is not a personal blog this is a Harry potter blog. So I should be talking about hp. Okay..
Y’no the guy who has big teeth on the Slytherin Quidditch team? Yeah he’s actually decent. And the guy that plays Oliver wood Is fit. F.I.T. Js guys. But Tom Felton beats him anyday. I drove past Staines today, that’s where Tom lives I was like :3 #fangirling. But I’m reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire but I’m too tired and the words keep going blurry.
Oh hello Helena Bonham Carter love her in Harry potter but not so much, she’s a bit weird. She’s an amazing actress though.

Anyways last Saturday I went to the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studios. ERM MA GHAWD. Words can not express the brilliance. Sofia, Ali and I got chosen to open the great hall doors and walk in first and it was so beautiful, magnificent memorable, I just burst into tears. All the memories and the feels. We took over 300 pictures. Diagon alley was sick. And the Hogwarts model was breathtaking I cried at that point as well. It was brilliant, it was amazing. Later in the shop I spent 190 pound i don’t even know how. I bought dracos wand and Hermione’s wand, gryffindor cardigan, gryffindor pyjama top , Bertie botts, chocolate frog, a poster, 2 frog lollies and probably something else which I can’t remember.

Anyways les mis just finished. Aw sad. Urgh still tired. Anyways gotta go. Bye.

Hello, My name is Daisy Andrews and I am 14 years old. I enjoy dancing, singing, acting, reading and writing. I’m about to start my Gcse’s after the summer holidays. If you want to follow my non personal instagram it’s @yerawizard_harry and wattpad is yerawizard_harry. Non personal twitter- @yerawizard_hazz. Myshared YouTube is Potterheadz and is under the email jellybeanbuddies@gmail.com so follow and add and subscribe to me please.

This is me :)

This is me πŸ™‚

I’m in year 9 at the moment and I just finished my exams, I got 7a in religion and geography, 6c in maths, 5b in music(quite low but everyone else’s was 4a), 5b in art ( which I’m really bad at so I don’t care!) and I don’t know about my other subjects yet. Hopefully I’ll find out on Tuesday, because it’s bank holiday on Monday so I’m not going in-this means I miss p.e. which is great cause we’re doing long distance running and I hate it.

I’ve been watching friends at the moment, I love it so much it makes me laugh loads. My favourite character is Joey he’s just so oblivious, it’s cute. I’m watching all the episodes from start to finish, because I have the box set, and I’m on case 1, disc 4 on the episode of The one with the Candy Hearts. I’m doing this friends marathon because I’ve done the gilmore girls to many times in a row now, even though I love it.

In August I’m going on holiday with my friend Ali, to Rhodes in Greece. We’re so excited and we keep going shopping for sunglasses and hats and shorts and stuff like that. Our other friend Sofia was supposed to come with us as well, but unfortunately she can’t 😦 but to make up for it all 3 of us are going to the Harry Potter WB studios on Saturday. We are massive potterheads and we do and say everything Harry potter. So doing this is like a miracle for us. But apparently Tom Felton sometimes goes there and walks round with the guests. I would cry. He’s so perfect. He’s my future husband, just saying. If you don’t know who I’m talking about he play Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter, I’ve added some pictures of him. But anyways he lives in Staines so I could meet him another time anyway hopefully :3 . Anyways I’ve saved up Β£175 for this trip to spend in the shop. I must of seen all the films at least a billion times and I’m reading book 4 at the moment, then I’m going to read book 5 and I’ve read all the others.

and this is an edit of tom felton that made me laugh :)

and this is an edit of tom felton that made me laugh πŸ™‚

This is tom felton shirtless.

This is tom felton shirtless.

This is tom feltons's god damn sexy face.

This is tom feltons’s god damn sexy face.

I love to read, I read all the time, more than I watch tv. As well as reading the goblet of fire I’m reading a fanfic called A Man Can Change on wattpad, it’s by Imaginary Krystal. It’s amazing if your a dramione shipper and if your not? You should be. But my book line up at the moment is long. I have to read: Goblet of Fire,Order of the Phoenix, the 2 night schools books I got given (SIGNED!! XD), the hunger games series, miranda Hart’s book, the hobbit and the loads of romance and ghost story books which I can’t remember the names of write now. But anyways I’m not only a dramione shipper, I’m also a Harmione and Romione shipper. At the moment I’m writing a fanfic on Harmione which is being posted on Instagram and wattpad but more is on wattpad as I have more space to write. So please read it, it’s called Harmony Blends and it’s by me- yerawizard_harry . I’m also writing a novel which I haven’t posted the first chapter of on wattpad yet but I will today. It’s my own characters and stuff so give my time to gather myself with the characters and the tenses so I can concentrate on the text so hopefully the writing will get better as I go on. Here on wordpress, I will be writing 2 types of blog, one about me and one about Harry potter. So my next one will be Hp related.

Now I have to get up and eat breakfast so I will write again as soon as I can, updating you on my ordinary boring life and Hp.
Catch you Later, DaisyπŸ’ž